Monday, April 14, 2014

Bargain Kindle Book: Edge by Tiffinie Helmer

On sale for a limited time, the 1st book in the Romance of the Edge Novels.

He's lost his edge...
Photojournalist Cache Calder lives to chase a great story. He's just returned from the Middle East after surviving a suicide bombing that left him injured and grief-stricken. The last thing he wants is to travel to the wilds of Alaska on a "Where Is She Now" Assignment. But when his editor informs him that his subject is former kidnapping victim, Amelia Bennett who jump-started his career twenty years earlier, he packs his bags.

She lives on the Edge...
Mel Bennett's carefully maintained control unravels the moment she meets Cache Calder. Attraction flares for the man who seems to really "know" her. No one at the Edge of Reason Lodge is aware she was the young teenager who'd survived one of the most publicized kidnappings in recent history, and she wants it to stay that way. But she starts to question her heart and her sanity when unexplained incidents begin to happen and a deadly threat returns to finish what he'd started so long ago.

This book also contains bonus material on Tiffinie Helmer's 2nd book in the Romance on the Edge Novels, HOOKED.


EDGE - #1

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