Monday, June 17, 2013

Book Spotlight: Full Circle by I.M. Cupnjava

In a war-torn world a group of vampires struggle to reclaim their past glory. One of their own is missing. Weakened by solitude, the leader of the vampires, Kendrick, must find Byron, his covenant mate, before the pain of isolation kills them both. Locating Byron is the least of the vampires' problems.

The chaos of the world's death rattle breeds suffering, death and pestilence as well as a call for vengeance. The opposing sides of good and evil never looked so similar. A war that began with the dawn of time has enjoyed a respite. That respite is ending. Vampiric history, human history and the lives of two lovers are about to come full circle.

Genre: Angel/Demons/Paranormal/Vampire/M/M/Horror/Futuristic
Rating: Beyond Sizzling
Book Length: Category Novel
Word Count: 53,837
Pages: 181
Price: $4.99


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