Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First Chapter Review: Healing Hearts by Anna Murray

I downloaded a free version of Healing Hearts by Anna Murray last February. This is a historical romance set in the years after the Civil War.

BLURB: When prairie doctor Jed Rutherford sends for a mail-order partner to join his medical practice he knows he'll have to take potluck. After all, there aren't many men willing to risk the arduous journey to Montana territory to join a bootstrap operation.

Luckily for Jed, it's one of the first woman doctors, Hannah Sutton, who answers his call for help. Emotional healing and the love of her life are waiting for Hannah, but first she must reconcile with past secrets and cure her most challenging patient: The doctor himself.

This heartwarming story was written at the request of readers who first met Doctor Rutherford in Unbroken Hearts.

COVER: The thing I love best about romance novels is that they have some of the most stunning covers. True to its genre, this features a shirtless, muscular man and a beautiful women in a compromising position. Not sure how much heat is in this one, but the cover shows a bunch.

FIRST CHAPTER: It's 1869. Doctor Jed Rutherford is battling with memories from the war and the challenges of doctoring alone on the Montana prairie. Some might suspect his addictions, but since Doctor Chandler picked up stakes, Jed is all the town of Wounded Colt has. Knowing he must get some help, Jed writes away for a mail-order partner. He's sure his colleague at Indiana Medical College will send a good man.

KEEP READING: Definitely. Murray has blended in a fair amount of backstory into this opening chapter, but amazingly, it doesn't have a negative impact. The reader meets Doctor Jed Rutherford as he awakes from yet another wartime nightmare. Jed's story of how he came to Wounded Colt and how he developed his addictions quickly unfold. The reader can't help but feel for this man who is certain that the boy his parents raised no longer exists.

We don't meet the female lead in this story, but since the first chapter ends with Jed mailing his letter to his colleague in Indiana, we know it won't be long before these two come face-to-face. I'm eager to see this happen and eager to see what Hannah Sutton is like.

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I downloaded a free copy of this book from Amazon. This review contains my honest opinions, for which I have not been compensated in any way.

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