Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Chapter Review & Giveaway: Haunted Laird by Tara Nina

Haunted Laird is Book Four in Tara Nina's Cursed Mackinnons series.This is an erotic paranormal romance released by Ellora's Cave Publishing.

BLURB:  Lynn’s ghost-hunting trip in Scotland takes an unpleasant turn when she’s kidnapped from her camp by a group of men rambling about curses and a brotherhood. In a daring escape, Lynn falls over a cliff and awakens in a cave being guarded by a ghost, who insists she’s the key to freeing a man who has been cast in stone by an evil curse. And what a man he is…

Padon has been imprisoned for over two centuries, frozen in stone. He is awoken when a sexy siren recites the anti-curse, but he is only partially free. Stone by day, man by night. Passion ignites between him and his savior immediately, which makes falling to the curse each morning that much harder. He and Lynn seek a resolution by making the trek to Padon’s family castle. But the kidnappers have other plans and will do whatever they must to make sure this couple never makes it to their destination.

COVER: Wow! What can one say about this cover? Love the backdrop that speaks to the genre. It's an interesting stance for the the man. Almost looks like he could be a centaur in another life.

FIRST CHAPTER: Lynn is on a ghost-hunting trip in Scotland when she is kidnapped by three men. Bound, gagged, and strapped to a litter, she has little hope for escape. At least she has time to listen to the men's rambling about curses and a brotherhood. If she can put some of the pieces together, she'll be able to hatch a plan to get out there.

Unsure of who she can trust, Lynn knows she has a limited amount of time if she wants to escape. It would be great if there was a handsome man to rescue her, just like the one she dreamed about on the first night of her adventure.

KEEP READING: I'm definitely intrigued by this opening chapter. Nina has created a suspenseful opening, dropping the reader immediately into the action and quickly increasing the danger. There's no sign of her friend, Travis, who is her tour guide on the trip. She's unsure of how the three guys she's listening to while she's strapped to the litter are involved with each other, and she has no idea why they would kidnap her in the first place.

While my synopsis of this first chapter might give you the idea that this is a damsel in distress story, it's not. Lynn is smart and cunning. I simply don't want to give too much away, as it's a superb opening that deserves to be experienced by the reader without it being spoiled by me. More often lately, I am finding romance novels where the main characters don't meet in the first chapter and that include more points of view than just the female and male leads. I'm on the fence to how I feel about the latter, but as long as the author moves quickly to introduce the male and female lead by the second chapter, I'm okay with a later introduction. I'm curious to see what happens when Lynn meets Padon for the first time.

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Hot Romance~Sexy Attitude best describes Tara Nina’s writing style. She creates for Ellora’s Cave in sensuality ranges from steamy hot to simmering sweet, which includes paranormals, contemporaries and romantic suspense. She is a Southerner living in the northern wilds of New Jersey complete with grown children, three dogs, and a mountain man for a husband.

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I received the first chapter of this book from the author through Innovative Online Book Tours. This review contains my honest opinions, for which I have not been compensated in any way.


  1. Thank your for your honest review of the first chapter. I really appreciate you posting my work on your blog. Thank you. If a first chapter doesn't capture the reader's attention, they won't finish the book :( I'm glad it captured yours. I don't like to write weak female characters and Lynn is far from weak. I hope everyone enjoys this first chapter and will want to finish reading Lynn and Padon's story. :)
    Tara Nina

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Tara. Wishing you the best.