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First Chapter Review: Fem Dom by Tony Cane-Honeysett

This First Chapter Review came to us through Pump Up Your Book. Tony Cane-Honeysett is on tour during the month of October with his erotic fiction book, Fem Dom.

BLURB: When faithful wife Tara Drew suspects her advertising executive husband is seeing a Dominatrix, she sets out to trap him in the act. She pays the Dominatrix to teach her how to please men by dominating them and inflicting pain. But her plan to snare her husband has very bizarre consequences. Way out of her comfort zone as an undercover Fem Dom, Tara discovers a kinky world that both intrigues and disgusts her. But now she is the one with a secret life that she doesn’t want her husband to find out about. A sexually fueled, fast-paced story about women who want to control men.

COVER:  I was a bit surprised by this cover choice. In one way it makes sense: Clem Drew is a conservative ad executive. But since the synopsis appears to indicate that Tara is more the focus of the novel, I would have expected something else. I definitely would have expected something a bit racier, considering the genre. Even a small detail like a whip or a Dominatrix mask would have given it that spicy edge.

FIRST CHAPTER: Tara Drew is feeling a bit bored with her June Cleaver existence. She cooks and cleans, she works for charitable causes, but ever since Clem has worked to pursue the Rebakor account, he's been distant. She can't remember the last time they had sex. So, she figures she'll make him a special meal, add a nice wine, help him get in the mood and celebrate closing the Rebakor deal.

When Clem claims he's too wiped out and isn't even hungry, Tara loses it. They argue. Her plans of a romantic evening dancing in the sheets are ruined. It's not until hours later, when a guilty Tara slips into bed next to her sleeping husband that she discovers the painful looking red welt on his back.

KEEP READING: Sure will--and for several reasons. The characters in Fem Dom are a married couple whose love life is suffering because Tara is bored playing housewife all the time and Clem has been inattentive. This is a bold step for a genre that often features single people working through hurts in their past that prevent them from committing to a relationship. I like it. In addition, with Tara and Clem, the author has created two characters that are easy to relate to and that the reader is eager to sympathize with.

The first chapter of Fem Dom also exposes readers to several characters outside of Tara and Clem, namely people at the advertising firm where Clem works. Focusing not only on their home life, but also Clem's workplace is a smart move by Cane-Honeysett, because Clem's job plays just as much the role of antagonist as he does. Tara hates that he works so hard, which wipes him out and makes him neglect her. There was too much vulgar language in the office for my taste, mainly because it felt forced. If you're going to use the "F word," or any other swear word for that matter, at least make sure it flows well with the rest of the dialogue.

In addition to what I already mentioned, I appreciated the cliffhanger ending of this chapter. It definitely begs you to turn the next page.

Paperback: 252 pages
Publisher: Chardonnay Press (August 15, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 098584762X
ISBN-13: 978-0985847623
Also available in Kindle format

I received the first chapter of this book from Pump Up Your Book Virtual Book Tours. This First Chapter Review contains my honest opinions, for which I have not been compensated in any way.

Tony Cane-Honeysett is an Emmy Award winning writer and filmmaker. His documentary work includes The Royal Academy and Mondo Bondo. A graduate of Ealing College of Art & Design in England, Tony was the recipient of the Individual Artist Fellowship awarded by The Tennessee Arts Commission in 2006. He has worked professionally as a copywriter in advertising for over 20 years in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Nashville and Minneapolis. Tony was born in London, England.

His latest book is the fiction erotica, Fem Dom.

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