Saturday, May 26, 2012

Book Spotlight: A Virtual Affair by Zvi Zaks

Think how great virtual sex must be. Now think again. Barbara is a sexual simulation designed to make men happy. When flabby, neurotic Jack tests the program, he triggers a feedback loop that makes it self-aware. The erstwhile pornbot becomes a 'she' and discovers that sex is not the same as happiness. Who knew? Making Jack happy is difficult. Barbara develops elaborate and sometimes sneaky ways to help him, and she succeeds. After all, her abilities are awesome. She can hack into any computer and is not above using sabotage and blackmail for the benefit of Jack--and everyone else. The problem is, though Barbara thinks she knows what's best for humanity, she isn't human. This computer program could end up a virtual messiah, or doom us all to cheerful mindlessness.

Genre: Science Fiction
Sub Genre: Romance
Plus-Novel of 104741 words
Heat rating: 4
eBook ISBN: 9781615722761
Print ISBN: 9781615722778


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