Saturday, May 12, 2012

Book Spotlight: Choices by Emily Pikkasso

Sandy made a choice back in 1973, one she sometimes regrets. Heritage Day Rodeo brings the past back in a huge way. Wandering into a new bar in town, Sandy receives more than a cocktail from the flame-haired barkeep. She gets some tail from a cocky cowboy from her past. Can she ask for a do-over?

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“Yes, I’m Lacey.”

“There’s no lamp; who calls a bar a ‘lamp’? Don’t genies live in lamps, like the guy from Aladdin?”

“No, there is no actual lamp. There doesn’t have to be one, because I’m a genie, and I can grant you any wish you want. This bar is my lamp, so to speak.”

“Seriously? A genie?”

Lacey nodded.

“So you can grant me three wishes, like in the fairy tales?”

“I can grant you one wish, but only while you stay within the bounds of this bar.” The fiery-haired genie smiled her Santa Claus smile again.

The blonde looked into the shadows gathered in the rafters of the bar, a faraway expression on her face.

“What’s your name, hon?” Lacey asked.


“What would you wish for if you could?”

“I’d wish it was 1973 again. I was nineteen in 1973, trying to figure out what I wanted out of life. Who I wanted to be.” Sandy’s voice was so quiet Lacey leaned toward her.

“There was a guy?” The genie prodded, a small smile hovering on her lips.

“Oh, yes; there was a guy. Not a good for me guy; he was romance and danger all rolled up into one. They’re right you know—mommas should never let their babies grow up to be cowboys.” Sandy blinked back the tears which threatened to spill down her cheeks.

“What else would you wish besides going back to 1973?” Lacey prompted.

“I wish it was 1973, and Ian was here with me, just like old times. Drinking and thinking about ripping those wranglers off his sexy ass.”

“As you wish.” Lacey clapped her hands.

Genre: Erotica
Release: March 2, 2012
Pages: 20
ISBN: 978-1-927361-89-4
Price: $1.99
Warning: Sexual content. Over 18. Mulitple partners, multiple sex scenes.

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