Monday, January 23, 2012

Book Spotlight: Come Hell and High Water by Ramsey Keller

This story begins in the fall of 1806. A group of courageous pioneer families left Pennsylvania in six covered wagons, hoping to make a new life in the southern part of the Ohio Territory.

Just before reaching their destination, the wagon train is savagely attacked by renegade Shawnees.

Young Maggie Waters loses her entire family in the massacre, and has no choice but to continue the journey with the only other two survivors; Nathan and John Yocum.

Due to misunderstandings and misconceptions, Maggie is abandoned - left totally alone in a strange place. All she has left is regret and broken dreams, until she meets a mysterious and misunderstood young doctor, who makes it his top priority to educate Maggie regarding life, love, and sex; his ultimate goal being to make Maggie his wife.

Maggie Waters finds herself in a situation demanding a hard decision when she is faced with the choice of marrying for “stability” or marrying for “excitement”.
This work is intended for mature audiences only. No one under the age of 18 should have access to this work. This work contains mature language, explicit sexual situations and graphic sexual content. Readers with sensitivity to extreme sexual situations may find some material contained within this work offensive.

Genre:  Historical romance
Format: Kindle Edition
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